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The Classique Design Cabinets difference: All our kitchen cabinets and cupboards are made right here in Mebourne customised to perfectly fit your home. As kitchens are the heart of any home, we help our clients ensuring the kitchens are not just styling and beautiful but also functional.

Here are some ideas to consider when designing your kitchen cabinets

Organisation of kitchen cabinets & Cupboards

Think about where you have breakfast, lunch or dinner. Design and configure your kitchen cabinets accordingly. Store breakfast foods, utensils etc... close to the breakfast table. Keep the refridgerator close not only to the cooking are but also accessible from other areas of the kitchen. Dishware should be kept in cabinets close to the dishwasher for ease of taking them in and out.

Kitchen islands should be designed to give at least 900mm for walking paths throughout the kitchen. In the cooking area this path should be around 1100mm to 1200mm. We would also recommend keeping the cooktop and oven out of high traffic areas, especially where children most often congregate. 

Also closely consider kitchen corners. We recommend keeping appliances such as dishwasher and oven away corners and make sure minimisation of obstruction to accessibility to other cabinets.

For more kitchen cabinets design ideas, please don't hesitate to contact us

Styling options to consider?

The style and look of your kitchen cabinets are determined by a number of of choices you make. These are all the things that you see. From the colours and materials you choose to the door handles. 

Kitchen Cabinet & Cupboard Doors

In most cases, your choice of cabinet & cupboard doors is pretty straight forward. In many instances, it's not so much especially given the wide range of materials, styles and colours you can choose from. Please feel free to speak to one of our designers during our free design consultation for advice.

Here are some of the common styles of cabinet and cupboard doors

Flat doors are commonly used in contemporary kitchens. They not only give your kitchen a modern look but are also easy to keep clean and maintain.

Shaker doors bring a feel of heritage and classical look to your kitchens. Shaker doors these days are recessed panel doors and routed by CNC machines to make a profile of various styles, normally with a flat part in the centre and square edges.

Glass doors are great for showcasing certain items and would suit all kitchen styles and types.

Finishes for kitchen cabinets & cupboards

Your choise of cabinet finishes will have a major say on how your kichen looks. Here you have a choice on a gloss, semi gloss or matt finish. 

Gloss finish is very common and suitable for modern type kitchens which often go with flat door style or drawn fronts. It has a shiny finish and reflects not only lights but also your kitchen surroundings. Because of this, it can make your kitchen feel more open. Another advantage of a gloss finish is it's easy to clean which is a big advantage for many homes especially those with children.

Matt finish is often suitable for classical or traditional kitchens. This finish often go well with shaker style of doors and draw fronts. One advantage of a matt finish over gloss is that imperfections such as finger prints and scratches are much less noticeable.