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NEWS - Eliminate Wardrobe Rows

A recent survey revealed that after `unwanted amorous advances', the biggest cause of rows between couples is "one partner taking up too much wardrobe space" closely followed by "leaving clothes laying around".

Statistics show that around 33 per cent of women and 18 per cent of men are driven to using the spare room as extra space to house all the extra clothes bought.

SOLUTION The fact remains that woman shop more than men. Thus if you have the room, women opt for a triple wardrobe with adjustable shelves, double hanging space and drawers just for you.

Max at Classique Design Cabinets advises "to incorporate Space Saver hanging bags to store your unseasonal clothes thus making more room for those secret shopping sprees or for your partner."

Otherwise if you have a free dedicated wall call the team at Classique Design Cabinets & Wardrobes to design & custom build you a new built in wardrobe.

With wardrobe width range up to 5000 mm and height of 2700 mm Classique Design Cabinets & Wardrobes has a storage solution for you, adding harmony in your home and avoiding conflicts with your partner.

A well designed wardrobe with double hanging space will allow you to sort his shirts from your shirts & skirts. The full height Hang Rail will allow you to organise your long clothes by type and colour for easy accessability. While the top shelf with ample room will allow you to store in Space Saver Bag your out of season clothes along with your linen.

Classique Design Cabinets & Wardrobes not only offer storage solutions for all your living spaces but address the decor of your house & rooms accommodating external period finishes in wardrobes with up to date interiors.

Call Classique Design Cabinets & Wardrobes today on (03) 9793 9574.




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